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Gracie Girl

Experience with a new tripawd cattledog

Gracie Girl

Brand new tripawd

February 24th, 2017 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

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God equals Grace over Drama

Hi everyone my name is Gracie. I became a tripod after getting into a tussle with one of my kennel mates and when left rear leg was dislocated. The vet couldn’t fix it so here I am happy with just theee now. I would love to hear from other tripawds especially about what to expect when most recently recovering. How much exercise should I get etc.

My name used to be Drama but my new parents thought it best to find a name that if self fulfilling would effect a better result! Hence Grace or Gracie which comes from a phrase for what god stands for: Grace over Drama.

After my surgery, I also got to go to a new home. My new parents love me sooo much. But maybe I’ll get too spoiled? Tell me what you think!

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5 Comments so far ↓

  • Barbara

    Hi gracie

    My name is Bella. I just had my op last week. I got hit by a car. 😭 I’m having to take it really easy as it’s been really traumatic. I still have the same mummy and daddy and I love them very much. I’ve not to walk at all for 2 weeks then the vet says I can start to have short walks.

  • linda8115

    Welcome Gracie and family! We’re the wrong ones to ask about spoiling lol. I believe spoiling is rule #1 in the tripawd handbook! You’re going to want to work on core strengthing exercises. Once you’re recovered maybe a trip to rehab would be in order. They can give you all kinds of core exercises to do at home and tips to keep you strong for life. You’re sure a pretty girl there Gracie I’m certain you’re going to have a fabulous life ahead of you with that loving new family you’ve got! Hugs!

  • otisandtess

    You look very happy! Congratulations on the new home!

  • cheesecat

    You are beautiful, Gracie! I love the name, too! I think spoiling is what doggies are for 😀 Just take it easy on the treats, it’s important for tripawds to stay trim and lean so they don’t put too much stress on their remaining legs. I agree with Linda, some physical therapy can be great! Fun and helpful! There are some great resources on this site too 🙂 Good luck, Gracie, looks like you are already doing GREAT!

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